Peter Lao: AFOC Success Story

Peter Lao came to AFOC unemployed, but he left with his dream job. Before AFOC, Peter previously worked in another career. “I was a caregiver for 20 years. It was really hard because I don’t have benefits”.

Peter started with solar panel installer classes. Then he found a home in HVAC. He completed HVAC 1 and 2. He never made it to HVAC 3 before he was hired. He explains how his training at AFOC made him hireable, “Completing HVAC 1 and 2 means that I’m trainable. It’s not hard to explain to me because I know the basic theory. If you only have the practice without theory, you can not troubleshoot it, you can’t solve the problem.”

Peter was hired by Macy’s and services HVAC, plumbing, and electrical for 5 stores. He achieved his first goal, “I have complete benefits right away, medical insurance, all of it.”

But he’s just getting started. “My goal is to make chief. You are making 6 digits!”

However, Peter isn’t just about the money. He also wants to return to AFOC. He says, “In the future, I would like to share my experience and knowledge and become a teacher.”

Congratulations, Peter!