AFOC Student Profile: Jaime Cruz

Jaime Cruz was laid off from his job as a machine operator making boxes in August. One December day, he drove by AFOC. Having been here before for car repairs, he recalled that we had some interesting classes, so he parked his car and walked in. “I enrolled on the same day,” he boasted!

Jaime enrolled in Emission Control 1 with Mr. Davis. “It’s very intense. I’m thrilled. I feel like I’m utilizing my time for my benefit,” he enthused.

The California Training Benefits (CTB) program with the EDD allows you to attend school or training while receiving unemployment benefits. Jaime is determined to make the most of his time on unemployment by developing new skills and seeking another career. “Once I pass the test, I’ll start looking for a job. One thing I appreciated in the orientation was when they mentioned helping place us if we don’t have somewhere to work.”

This isn’t Jaime’s first experience with adult education. “I came to this country in 1986. I started attending classes at LA High from 1987 to 1993. I began with ESL and earned my diploma in 1993.”

Jaime is enjoying school as much as he did the first time. “You don't know how happy I am being in this school,” he exclaimed.

And we are delighted to have you, Jaime! It’s enthusiastic students like Jaime Cruz who make us who we are.